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Company Cinemark
Location Garland, TX 75041
Update 10 Day ago
Summary Creates a welcome environment for Customers. Assists and directs Customers to their destination. Provides movie and theatre information. Ensures a quality listening and viewing experience. Implements auditorium management. Keeps theatre property clean and free of debris. Maintains order and prevents panic in a crisis.

Ushers may be designated Usher-B (Booth Ushers) in theatres with 35mm projectors after proper training. The Usher may also be asked to double as the Box Office Cashier, Concession Worker, or Restaurant Worker, as staffing needs require. Essential Job Responsibilities
Greets Customers and visitors.
Announces information (seating availability, promotions, etc.)
Tears tickets and directs Customers to an auditorium.
Helps Customers find seats and invites Customer seating changes when the auditorium is full.
Monitors auditorium for unruly behavior and movie presentation and sound quality.
Cleans auditorium between each showing.
Keeps theatre property clean and free from debris (lobby, aisles, restrooms, auditoriums, exits, parking lot, etc.)
Changes marquee information when needed.
Instructs and calms Customers in the event of an emergency.
Transports supplies to and from storage rooms.
Assists in the maintenance of the theatre (replacing light bulbs, cleaning walls, doors, mirrors, etc.)
Watches for safety or security issues (trip hazards, lighting, suspicious persons, etc.) and reports to management.
Performs other work-related duties as assigned by management.
Transports film to and from projection booth (for Usher-B).
Builds up and breaks down film (for Usher-B).
Threads film through the platter system and projector (for Usher-B).
Sets computerized controls (for Usher-B).
Focuses and frames the film presentation on the screen (for Usher-B).
Adjusts sound volume and quality (for Usher-B).
Repairs film breaks (for Usher-B).
Monitors film presentation and projection equipment operation (for Usher-B).
Maintains booth and booth equipment including xenon bulb maintenance and replacement (for Usher-B). Requirements Minimum Requirements
Available to work evening hours, weekends, and holidays.
Requires regular and consistent attendance.
Ability to communicate with all ages, genders, and personalities.
Ability to effectively and regularly converse in and comprehend in English.
Ability to communicate and make announcements requires a clear speaking voice.
Must be able to respond to requests, listen for sound quality, identify crying babies and loud talkers in auditoriums, and react to emergency warnings.
Usher must check on presentation quality (picture and sound), locate available seating, monitor unruly behavior, safely direct Customers in time of panic, and identify debris.
Tearing tickets requires a degree of manual dexterity.
Cleaning auditoriums between shows requires maneuvering between aisles of seats.
Assisting in the maintenance of the theatre requires reaching, bending, and lifting.
Changing film titles on a marquee and replacing light bulbs requires climbing a ladder.
Ushers should be able to be on their feet during the entire working period and have the physical strength to help others in the event of an emergency.
Must be able to transport the film cans (approximately 45 pounds) to and from the projection booth (for Usher-B).
Must be able to push, pull, transport, and move film cans in those theatres that show films in non-digital format. (for Usher-B)
Considerable dexterity is required to thread the film between rollers as the film must be precisely aligned in several places (for Usher-B).
Required to operate several projector systems simultaneously (Usher-B).
Must be able to move rapidly (three minutes maximum) from one point to another to accommodate the performance schedule and format changes, repair film breaks, or refocus the projector during the presentation of the feature (Usher-B).
Must be able stand for most of the time on duty and do much lifting, reaching, and carrying (Usher-B).
Must be able to monitor the audio and video quality of the film presentation (Usher-B).
Must be at least 16 years of age.
Strong verbal and interpersonal skills.
Ability to work independently.
Booth proficiency is essential for Usher-B. Physical and Environmental Requirements:
Frequent bending, kneeling, and lifting up to 50 lbs.
Frequent standing, walking and reaching around the theater.
Noise level may be moderate to high at times.
Be able to work in a standing position for extended periods of time. *Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Note: This job description is intended only as a general guideline of your duties and responsibilities at Cinemark and is not a legally binding contract. Cinemark reserves the right to amend, change or terminate the job description, as it deems appropriate. Any change amendments, or modifications may be implemented even though they have not been communicated, reprinted or substituted in this job description.

All Cinemark theatres are designated smoke-free workplaces. This includes vapor, electronic, conventional, cigars, etc.

Cinemark USA, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Brand: Cinemark

Address: 4040 S. Shiloh Rd. Garland, TX - 75041

Property Description: 038-823 - Movies 15 - Garland, TX

Property Number: 038